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Debor'rah BSN,RN

Free Nursing School Resources

Discover the Best Free Nursing School Resources Online!

Hey Future Nurse! I'm Debor'rah, and I'd like to welcome you to your ultimate one-stop hub for free nursing school resources, gathered from all over the internet! Whether you need nursing school study guide PDFs, quick cram sheets, or challenging practice tests, we've curated the best materials to help you excel in your nursing education.

A special thank you goes out to all the incredible creators who have put in countless hours to support the nursing community with their hard work and dedication. Dive in and find the resources you need to succeed!

Here are a couple of our favorite free nursing school resources! 


NCLEX Cram Sheet

Free NCLEX Cram Sheet. We do not own this sheet. So always make sure the information aligns with what you're covering in class


Blossom with Jessica

She has AMAZING study guides for pharmacology, electrolytes, Pediatrics and even a FREE TEAS Course 

Free Nursing Flashcards:

This website has flashcards that cover a multitude of topics including Health Assessment, Fluid and Electrolytes and more  

EKG Review
EKG rhythm reviews and features common and rare EKG findings 

EKG Library

This website covers EKG basics including EKG interpretations, clinical case studies, and quizzes.

My Nursing Life Blog

This blog covers variety of med surg topics with handwritten med surg notes 



This is the OG free nursing resource website! She has SO much content from care plans to quizzes and even Youtube videos

Cardiac Study Guide

If you need additional help with cardiovascular nursing information this study guide is super helpful


Free NCLEX Practice test

If you need more practice questions to get ready for the NCLEX check out this website

Fundamentals of Nursing Study Guide

Level up RN has always been a goto resource for nursing students , did you know she has free Nursing Fundamentals study guide

See this week's free Med Surg Quiz from Nursing School Jewels

Every week we post a series of med surg practice questions on our social media platforms. Get the answers to this week's questions here

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