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We are sooo close!

We are soooo close to restocking your favorite nursing school resource! My commitment to nursing students has been unwavering for the past 6 years, starting our journey back in 2018. I have went through nursing school, graduated, became a nurse, experienced travel nursing and soooo much more, while also continuously bringing you all resources to assist you through out your nursing journey. However, I am thrilled to say that we will be restocking the resource that has been the most transformational for you all. Drumroll, please! The Nursing School Notebooks will be restocking this month!!!

Debor'rah BSN, RN

If You Know, You Know

If you're in the know, you're aware that our notebooks are the ultimate secret weapon for conquering the Mount Everest of nursing school – Med Surg and Pharmacology. They allow you to cut out the constant feeling of information overload while allowing you to see the full picture when it comes to all of the disease processes and pharmacological drugs you are learning. Each notebook offers its own unique sections focusing on need to know information. 


Picture this: No more frantically searching for key information; it's right at your fingertips within seconds. Numbered pages and a handy table of contents, making your review sessions a breeze. This year is all about nursing students reclaiming lost time, and our notebooks are here to make it happen. As a Med Surg Nurse with four years under my belt, I can vouch for the importance of a well-rounded understanding of diseases and pharmacological drugs. These notebooks provide the golden key to unlock that understanding.


But hold on, I need your help! Before we seal the deal on these notebooks, we're giving you a chance to curate your own bundle of joy. Imagine not only getting your hands on these incredible notebooks but also getting a sneak peek of our new resource,The Practice Question Bible. We want this extra treat to cater to your needs!


This is where your come in. Take a quick break from learning to save lives and spend a few minutes filling out our super short survey. Help us tailor these resources to your liking and ensure the additional freebie hits the bullseye.

Let's Get Started
Which style of question do you find most helpful?

What are your top two problems when it comes to finding quality nursing practice questions?

When it comes to studying, what aspects do you find most difficult?

Thanks for submitting!

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