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If I were in Nursing School Today 

here is how I would study

Synopsis for those want to get straight to it

My Study Routine

for Med Surg And Pharmacology


  1. Preview/Skim Provided Content Before Class:

    • Start by previewing or skimming the powerpoints and other content your professor has provided before class. This allows you to address any questions during class and makes it easier to follow along in class.

  2. Skim the Book:

    • Unless your professor is pulling random sentences from various pages, skim the book, focusing on bolded sections, and key points. This can be done before or after class.

  3. Review Physiology and Pathophysiology:

    • Enhance your comprehension of the behavior of drugs and diseases by revisiting the fundamentals of physiology and pathophysiology. This give you a look at how the body normally functions (Physiology) and what goes wrong in diseases (Pathophysiology). This will help you understand why drugs and illnesses act the way they do.


Getting to the nitty gritty: (this where you want to start utilizing those active learning techniques we talked about in the first video.)

  1. Taking Notes:

    • Using the two to three resources you've selected, take notes on KEY information. You can not learn everything. Nor do they expect you to. There are many ways to take notes but its its key to make sure you are actually WRITITNG (may this be digitally or physically)This helps with the retention of the information that you're learning. The easiest way is with your nursing school notebook, fill in the sections that already tell you what key information to look for. Also, we know there are some ipad warriors who are down for their ipad for life, so we have also created digital versions of ALL notebooks.

  2. Review Regularly:

    • Depending on your lifestyle , meaning if you have more or less responsibilites other than passing nursing school, Make sure you are frequently Reviewing. Daily is ideal but may not be possible for everyone. For example, daily reviews can be quick 30- 45 minute before focusing on application. Luckily the notebooks have numbered pages and a table of contents so that the process of reviewing is effortless!

  3. Practice Questions and Case Studies:

    • Incorporate practice questions and case studies into your routine as frequently as you can tolerate. This consistent practice builds critical thinking skills, which are crucial not only in nursing school but also as a practicing nurse. Our commitment to weekly practice questions and quizzes reflects this dedication. Soon, you'll receive the first samples of the Practice Question Bible.

Now that I have shown you how to study I want to help you further enhance your study routine!

Thanks Babe!

See ya in the next video!

XO, Debor'rah BSN,RN

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